Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to create the perfect newsletter

I’ve just added a newsletter to my blog, and while I’m waiting for people to actually subscribe to it; here’s what I’ve learnt by creating newsletters for clients (who incidentally do have people subscribing to theirs).

Keep articles short: A 300-400 word article is ideal to capture your audience’s interest, and keep it. Anything too long and minds tend to wander. While graphics are a nice touch, too many and it either makes downloading difficult, or takes up valuable writing space. Always provide top notch information and add the graphics later.

Your subject line is important: This is probably one of the most important things in a newsletter. This is what grabs your reader’s attention even before the newsletter is scanned. So make it catchy and reader friendly.

Include a tip: Give all your subscribers a tip. People love receiving free information and a free tip has immense value. Include some helpful information, which your clients can actually use.

Deliver: If you promise something, ensure that you deliver on your promise. If your newsletter promises 5 ways to burn fat at home; then make sure you cover all 5 points- in detail and with facts/figures thrown in if possible. This is the best way of making sure your readers come back for more.

Diversify: As your newsletter base grows, diversify if necessary to ensure you capture your correct target; each time. If you are producing a newsletter for a health product/service; then make sure you address those looking to lose weight, tone up and get fit and if you have it, then advice for pregnant women, elderly clients etc.

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