Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outsourcing and its pitfalls

What are some of the ways you believe you can increase you income as a freelance writer? You can of course, charge more per project, increase your client base, increase your cold call rate or diversify in the projects to agree to undertake- an article writer tries his hand at technical writing or a copywriter does an article for a trade publication etc.

Some writers though believe in going down the 'outsourcing' path. By this I mean that they get other writers to write for projects they've bid and won. They may not be a good technical writer, but they bid on x project and if they win it; they get someone else to write it. They take a small percentage of the fee and by doing this, hope they can build a substantial income from it.

The pitfalls of going down this path are many, and often more dangerous that anticipated. The writer you hire may not be very good, and then this becomes a direct reflection of your work. Or, he may be very good and decide to increase his fees or take on another project, leaving you stranded. And the percentage you make off him is never going to be enough to justify the time spent hiring another and bidding for work on his behalf.

A wiser option is to look at some of the suggestions outlined at the start of this post and see where and how you can increase you income source, by relying on no one but yourself.

Happy writing.

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