Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Reasons To Invest In Yourself

Most of us are on tight marketing budgets and self-investment is usually last on the list of things to undertake. Why should we invest in ourselves? The following 5 are great reasons to pull out some extra cash and put it down towards our own betterment.

1. You will become a better writer- There's so much knowledge out there that you can always tap into. Struggling with your grammar? There's a course for that. Need to get inspired and your creative juices flowing? There's a course for that too. If a university course is out of your reach, then consider doing an online course. There are a number of credible ones to select from. If a course is not an option due to high fees and time constraints, why not pick up a book on the subject? You can read it at your own pace and most books do come with end-chapter exercises. Just make sure you schedule in time each day to read a chapter or two.

2. You will gain credibility- There's nothing more impressive than a writer who has a list of courses attached to his/her name. It doesn't matter if you are an excellent writer in your field, a client is probably still going to select someone who has an impressive sounding list behind his/her name. See if you can improve on what you already have, or begin to create your own little educational portfolio.

3. You will improve your writing style- After a while, a writer's style, no matter how creative he/she is, will tend to get stagnant. You get comfortable and tend to write on what you know. By studying/reading constantly, you will learn the intricate subtleties that go into making a good writer, a great one.

4. You can command a higher fee- It's much easier to increase your fees if you have done a course and specialized in a subject. Niche writers are always in demand.

5. You will learn something- And finally, you personally will learn something from whatever course you take or book your read. Additional knowledge can never be go waste or be undone, so go for it!

Happy writings!

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