Monday, February 2, 2009

The Power Of One- When one is better than two!

Having two clients is great. Having one is even better! When? When both the 'clients' belong to the same company.

Whether dealing with a company, corporation or a small business; try and see if you can communicate with just one designated person, preferably the person who hired you. Often, you are hired to deal with a project by a person (usually someone of authority within the company), and in due course, the person turns over the dealings to his/her associate. So, you've pitched your finest pitch and hope to get more business, when the new associate steps in. In such a situation; the deal could go either ways- they could give you additional work, or they could follow a different philosophy and actually cut back on the work given to you.

There's also an increased likelihood of internal confusion increasing, with every email that's sent back and forth between you, your older point of contact and your newly designated contact. If you do have a water-tight contract that you initially signed; that would lock you into your projects for the duration of the contract. However, a lot of freelancers do not sign contracts- jobs are done based on email requests with hopes that payments will be made. If that's you, then you should consider revising your signing policies (or, lack of them) and ensuring that you are clear at the start as to what and how much work you will be producing.

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dreed said...

Hi Usha. You left me a message at Link Referral, but there was nothing there. pLease send it there again. Nice job on your blog. I think you did a great job.

Best Buy Idea said...

I agree with you. When dealing with 2 persons, we are also managing 2 different expectations. That potentially creates some confusion and misunderstanding. Also another saying "one bird on hand is better than 2 birds flying". Cheers! Welcome to visit and comment in and hope that we can exchange links.