Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

If you believe that your client is the only source your should please, then you couldn't be further off the mark. Nowadays, there are a variety of 'potential' clients, including your readers if you have a blog, your colleagues in a forum or discussion group and the millions of web surfers, who knowingly or unknowingly may just end up at your site. And they should all be kept happy and satisfied if you are to move your business up a level.

Take a perfect example (of what not to do) in Mr. S's attitude. We are not naming names here, but Mr. S has (an often inspiring) newsletter that I subscribe to online. He himself seems to be a fairly good copywriter. Towards end December, I received an email from him announcing one of his courses. I had just finished an Advanced Studies In Business course, and of course Christmas always pretty much wipes us out; but I did have enough money to pay the $700 fee. Then while browsing his site, I discovered he makes an offer- you can make 4 payments instead of one lump sum payment. This sounded good, so I emailed him asking if it's possible. Remember, I still had the money to make full payment. No response. It's almost the New Year, I reminded myself, not wanted to make my 'hero' into the bad guy (and I really like his writing style, so yes, I did tend to idolize him a bit). I used that time to ask former clients of his, if they still would do this course in retrospect. Some said yes, a couple said maybe. A few days well into the new year, I sent him a reminder to that question. And I still am waiting for a response!

Did I pay the full amount and do the course? No, I did not. It made me wonder that a person who cannot respond to two emails, yet constantly continues to send me his weekly newsletters, may not be such a great teacher to learn from after all! Was I disappointed by his behaviour? You bet! I don't know him, but somehow I expected more (the power of marketing playing here- he has an excellent website and ezine).I could pay in full and I would have had he asked. But by ignoring both my emails, he lost a current and future client in me.

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Happy writing!

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