Monday, March 2, 2009

The Client Brief

The client brief is one of the most important documents for both the copywriter and/or creative team, and the client.

The client brief is a document which outlines in detail the work that needs to be done, the reason it needs to be done, the time frame, the audience and basically covers just about every question that should be asked, prior to the copywriter putting pen to paper. Without it, the details are vague and often lost in the myriad of phone calls and emails that follow the initial meeting or briefing.

Some or all of the following questions should be asked and answered before you begin a project:

1. What is the company’s name?
2. Who is it’s primary/secondary target audience?
3. What is the job?
4. What is the format it is to be delivered in?
5. What is the end result expected?
6. Why would someone want to buy the product or engage the services of this company?
7. What have been the results of past marketing efforts?
8. Are there any special offers or bonuses to be attached to this campaign?
9. Is there anything that you do not wish to include in this campaign?
10. What is the budget?
11. Is there any specific media you will be using?
12. Is there any specific message that needs to be included?

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