Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Feel Like A Bird Brain When It Comes To Twitter?

I received the following link from Mike A. Stelzner on Twitter. No, he's not a personal friend, but I do follow his work on White Papers very regularly. If you ever had any question about White Papers, this is your go-to guy. So naturally, I follow him on Twitter and he follows me (also on Twitter)..

Anyway, he sent me this link and it's a must read for anyone who has ventured into the world of Twitter- are there many left who haven't?? I get totally and completely lost amongst all those tweets and twitters floating around, and this article by Guy Kawasaki has cleared up a lot of questions I had (but never found the time to ask).

So go through it- it's worth the long read!

Oh, and you can visit Mike's blog at-

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