Sunday, March 29, 2009

How do you write?

I've never been a diary kind of girl. The last time I did write in a diary was when I was thirteen and miserable that the 'dream boy' I was in love with had no clue I even existed! Writing about it however, did help me feel my misery quite acutely (something only a 13 year old would appreciate) and in due time, when he was replaced, I promptly shelved my diaries.

As a writer however, you do need various tools to work with; and I've re-invested in a number of notepads over the years. I use them however primarily to jot down notes, ideas and the occasionally shopping list. I do know writers who will write in their notebooks and then transfer it to their computer. I think quite well when I have the screen in front of me and a keyboard beneath my fingers; and it saves me my much needed time.

However, I've never been a much of a laptop user, and have always had a desktop firmly anchored to my desk. As the kids are growing up and I need to 'move' around more, I've realized that a desktop is not the most ideal solution. And so yesterday, I invested in a netbook. The Acer Aspire One is a nifty little netbook with an 8GB hard disk- ideal for writing and handling a bit of research. It's never going to be my primary work source, but it's ideal for slipping into my handbag and taking it to the park, soccer games and ballet lessons.

Next on the list... a voice recorder? Maybe, maybe not. For now, I've got to figure out how to wrestle my new toy out of my husband's hands!

How do you write?

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sandy said...

I sometimes write notes, maybe key words to help myself remember what point I want to make, or because I have to look up how to spell something.

Like you I use a desk top, though it's getting old and I've had trouble off and on for the past 2 wks and I'm thinking about whether a laptop for replacement makes sense. I find typing on them harder, everyone tells me it's because I'm not used to it and in the end it doesn't matter.

I'm gonna leave you a link I think you might enjoy.
my SIL has a site about writing, writing exercises.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Hi Sandy,
I used to find working with a laptop mouse a little harder. But this netbook is the best investment I've made so far. Am really getting far more work done on it and it's easy to carry around with me as it fits into a standard handbag. I still use my desktop during my 'working hours' though.
Thanks for the link!