Sunday, March 15, 2009


We all know the importance of networking, and hopefully, most of us make a conscious effort to do so. However, sometimes, a strange turn of events can lead to the most unexpected networking; and the trick is to recognize the opportunity. And to realize that it may indeed lead to a new job, but in the best case scenario, you've made a new friend!

Recently, I had some cash to spare and thought to invest in in an online course. The course was run by a famous coach/speaker and as with most of these courses, the hype that surrounds it is always tremendous. However, I was still unsure of investing a sizable amount into a project that may or may not be right for me; so I emailed someone who's name appeared on the testimonial list. The person in question was Jody Gabourie, who is known in the online world as the Small Business Marketing Coach. Jody turned out to be a wonderful person, who not only responded to my queries, but who also took the time to have a phone chat with me. She is an expert marketing coach who helps business owners find their clients, create marketing plans, implement workable strategies and clarify their goals and tactics. If you are starting out or want to grow your business, then Jody is the go-to person. You can contact her via her site at

Did I take the course? Despite Jody's positive feedback, I chose not to at this point. What I have gained however, is another invaluable contact and hopefully an online friend.

So get out there and network and remember, when the opportunity knocks, throw the doors wide open!


Sandy said...

Networking is almost always a positive thing to do.

Glad things worked out for you.
Sandy can't seem to add my url below in your signature spot, it only wants my google

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Thanks Sandy. It's amazing though how many people shy away from networking.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Sandy, have opened it up- thanks for pointing it out.