Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Your Eyes Only!

While I mostly write for clients and my work is often of a serious nature; recently I've begun to write a lot of abstract creative work in my notebooks. These have ranged from short stories for my children about fairies and pink dragons, to bits about myself and my past, including friends, events and happenings.

How has this helped me? I suddenly feel much more liberated in my writing than I have in a long while. The stiffness that once encased my work is gradually easing up to give way to the old me- the one who wrote without hesitation and with lots of imagination. When I write in my notebook, I don't have to wonder if the client is going to like my work or if it will inspire someone to reach for their own stars. The notebook is for me and me alone. If I want to use expletives; I can. If I want to write in child-speak; I can do that too. I can leave behind any boundaries and limitations and soar as much or as little as I want to.

I obviously read a lot. Like any writer, I read material that interests me; material that is quite boring, but happens to be the only literature available and when the need arises, research material. But one book that I've recently picked up and that has really managed to touch my soul is Pen On Fire ( I'm still in the midst of finishing it, but I find it completely riveting and hard to put down and it has already inspired me to dig out and dust off my old notebooks and pick up the pen once again- this time to jot down thoughts, think up ideas and begin to write creatively once again.

So if like me, you've let clients and projects dictate what and how you've been writing, then take a break- 10 minutes is all that's needed- and let your thoughts emerge. Write down whatever comes to your mind in a freewriting exercise. And let your creative juices begin flowing once again!

Happy writings!

© 2009 Usha Krishnan Sliva
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