Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Collect Payment

There are many nightmares writers face. We fear we may not come up with enough creative ideas; we fear our writing may not meet client expectations; we fear we may have to take on assignments we don't like, just to pay the bills. But one of the largest fears that any freelancer in any profession faces, is that the client does not pay you for your service.

You invest time and a great deal of effort and you expect to get paid your due. It's only fair. A client would not negotiate with a doctor or a dentist for a lower fee, so why assume that a freelance writer (or any other service provider) is willing to negotiate after the deal is signed on?

When this happens, as it sometimes does; dealing with it can be tough. After all, writers are a creative bunch and handling tough issues such as non-paying clients is usually not on our preferred list of things to do. But deal with it you may have to and there are certain steps you can take to ensure it works to your benefit.

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Good luck and good writing!

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