Saturday, April 4, 2009

Open Door Policy

When one door closes, another one opens, or so they say. And so far, I’ve found it to be true. I've had three projects fall off this week and two clients are not getting back to me (though for now, I’m assuming the projects are on hold). This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes you feel a bit unsure.

My advice? Keep plugging away. For every rejection and every project that drops off, there will be another that will take its place. Maybe not today, but definitely in the long run.

As for me, I’ve just picked up two projects this week, one of which is a long term contract. When I look at the bigger picture, I realize that this works out better for me.

So hang in there and continue to keep those words flowing!

© 2009 Usha Krishnan Sliva
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The-Retirement-Road-Map said...

When one door closes another has to open or we would all be locked in rooms with no future or progress.

I have always found that even though I thought the lost opportunity was the best, the new door way leads to greater thing.

That closed door is your sign to look for the hidden door. There will be road blocker but once past them you will find many paths to travel.

I receive requests for information constantly and from the most surprising places or people.

As you said just keep at it and soon everything will fall in line.

There are times when I will write articles bout high demand subjects then file them until I receive a request, this puts me ahead of the ball.
Every writer needs to keep pumping out material with good content.
Your tips are very helpful.
Thank You,

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Thanks Renee, It's true that in order for these doors to keep opening, one needs to continue to work at what you're best doing, be it writing, making sales calls, marketing new products etc.