Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing With Intention

I've written a lot of blog posts and articles about 'intention'. I believe it works and this can be illustrated in a number of examples from leading motivational coach or speaker. Doing anything with intention involves thinking carefully about what you do. It involves an awareness at a deeper level. And finally, it involves visualizing your end goal, whatever it may be.

Writing too can be done with intention. It doesn't matter if it's an article, web content or personal blog. Once you get into the habit of really thinking about the topic you're working on, and visualizing the end result; be it to gather subscribers, have far-flung family read about cousin Ned or just vent your frustrations; writing then becomes a successful means to this end.

So, how do you write with intention?

Begin by focusing on the topic you want to address. It is a piece which requires research? It is a creative piece which you need to put a lot of thought into? Or is it something you are passionate about and which requires little extra knowledge but a lot of enthusiasm?

Writing with intention will require you to adapt to the piece you are working on. A business letter for example requires a different style of writing than say an editorial piece. However, no matter the style you are about to use or the piece you are about to work on, writing with intention will require you to become quiet, become aware of the topic at hand and then write, with feeling, passion and heartfelt intention.

© 2009 Usha Krishnan Sliva
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