Saturday, May 30, 2009

When life throws you a curveball...

This month has had some crazy ups and downs for me, work wise. To start with, I’m undergoing arbitration with a company called, to get money due to me from a client. The process is quite similar to a court of law; you get a chance to make an opening statement, present evidence, counter-question evidence presented against you and conclude with a closing statement; after which the arbitrator makes a decision (hopefully in your favor!). Will keep you posted as to the outcome of this process.

Next, I was contacted my Ezine Articles where I regularly submit my articles (, to inform me that my article had appeared on Associated Content, but under someone else’s name! Right enough, the person hadn’t even bothered to change the title of the piece, but had copied it word for word with his name as the author!-

And finally, I received a notification from Pay Pal, which asked me to reset my password. I sent off an email to to verify this request, and they came back to me to say this was a phishing attempt, which they are now trying to sort out.

So there you have it! Three very different attempts to cheat me, at three very different levels. I’m quite excited though about the opportunities I’m receiving to learn something new each day, even if it’s how to counteract fraud and copyright attempts! Take what’s thrown at you and learn from it and not matter the outcome, you will emerge victorious!

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Glynis said...

It is so worrying when others plagiarise work. You certainly had your share of the 'curveball' this month!

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

It certainly is. But it's been a great learning exercise and I'm pleased to say my article is now featured on