Thursday, June 11, 2009

Read, Spell, Write and Fix

Something I had to share..because apart from being a full-time writer and coach (and wife ;); I'm also a very proud parent.

This morning, my three year and five month old son (who in most ways is a very typical boy; into Nascar, Formula One racing and anything that moves fast) announced that he would spell jam for me. So he stood in front of me in his pyjamas and said, J-A-M. Being busy these last few months has meant that I've not devoted as much time to his reading/writing as I did my older daughter. So I was all the more surprised when he went on to spell CAR and DOG. The look on his face when done was incredible! Never have I seen someone look so proud or pleased with themselves. That look I have to say is very inspiring!

This evening and not to be outdone, my daughter (who turned five last week) read me an entire book from start to finish without any mistakes. It was a Diego's Level 1 reader; and while she's read similar books in the past, it's always been stop and go with a little bit of help from mum. Today, it was all go-go-go.

And so, their night ended with my son spelling HUG, giving me a hug and my daughter adding- what a clever family we are- you write, Vik can spell and I can read!

Ps- When asked what my husband could do, my son responded by saying-"Dad's a fixer. He doesn't really read or write (er, yes he does!), but he can fix things! ;)"

So there you have it, a very literary family, and a fixer too!

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