Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Magic Of Autoresponders

I’m back from a glorious Californian vacation, tanned and ready to start work again. Everyone should visit California at least once in their lives. It’s a city that’s full of marked contrasts, all of them larger than life itself! And the glorious sun shone down on us each and every day, so in the end, the kids and I came back looking and feeling healthier than ever (and yes, I do believe in the generous application of sun block)

While I was away, I relied on a wonderful thing called ‘autoresponders’ to keep my ezines going. Autoresponders are essentially, especially if you are the kind of person who is often away from your desk. They are also wonderful tools for those who manage to squeeze out some extra time in their day to prepare their ezines and sales pages ahead of schedule. They are essential to business growth and can be lifesavers.

Autoresponders can be free or paid for (aweber.com) and both have their pros and cons. When I first started out, I used the services of a free web tools company (bravenet). They allowed me to send free ezines as often as I wanted (though there’s a minimum daily clause attached). They did not however have an inbuilt autoresponder service to let me send out immediate pre-built in responses. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. It allowed me to build my ezine business from scratch. However, while free software may seem like a boon to those on a tight budget; beware. They are not necessarily easy to use and often have very limited applications, making them less user friendly than most of us would like. On the other hand, paid services can be excellent and usually, the cost is quite nominal. With unlimited amounts of newsletters and broadcasts that you can send, and easy to navigate site structures, you are sure to come up a winner.

So, before you begin to download your autoresponder service, consider the pros and cons and go in for one which works for you.

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