Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Write A Poem...How About Two?

I am not a poet. In fact, I probably suck at writing poetry. Contrary to popular belief, a writer need not be a poet. And to the many people who've asked me what I do for a living, and in response to my 'I'm a freelance writer' go; can you help me write my wedding vows?; the answer is a resounding - no!

Having said this, I do find that at times, mostly at night and when I really do need to be asleep; inspiration strikes. I feel the urge to pen a poem! And so I dig out my pad and pencil from my bedside table and scribble away. And I fall asleep with no nagging thoughts of undone deeds left for the morning.

Most of us 'feel' poetic occasionally and despite the fact you might not be a Tennyson, I'd say, give it a go. It's wise not to try and stem this creative urge, and while you may not want to share your work with others (I certainly don't), writing poetry for yourself can be quite uplifting and even exhilerating. It's also a great way to recover quite speedily from writer's block.

If you do enjoy reading poetry, then may I recommend two of my favorite contemporary poets; AJ Johnson and Glynis Smy; both on blogspot.

You can view their work on:

Enjoy them, get inspired and give it a go!


A.J.Johnson said...

Thank you for your gracious words. You are so correct on your post topic; I believe that poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art spills forth from within each of us during multiple stages of consciousness.

Best Regards,

Glynis said...

Thank you Usha, I ditto A.J.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

You are both more than welcome. I hope others get to enjoy your work as much as I do!