Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Analyze Your Writing Process

Have you ever felt like you’ve spent a lot of time in front of the computer, but your word output has declined? And while online poker games and chat sites may be partly the culprit, a lot has to do with your writing process.

Your what?

Your writing process is the one that’s unique to you and which you use to create everything from business letters, sales pages, ezine articles and blog posts. However, most of us are so busy job hunting and once we have a job, then meeting deadlines, that we fail to think about our actual process. But each of us will write with an actual structure, even if we do so unconsciously. And certain components on this structure will exist, not matter the order in which we choose to do so.

• Generating an idea
• Creating a draft
• Conducting research and interviewing experts
• Revising
• Editing
• Submitting a completed piece.

How to draft, revise and edit a piece; in fact, how you create it from scratch, may differ vastly from how another writer in your same area of expertise does so. In fact, it’s this diversity which comes through in your article and makes it unique and a pleasure to read. However, it is understanding the process you use, and then streamlining it to make it work effectively, which will allow you to write with abandon, yet achieve the maximum through your efforts.

Once you recognize your writing process you will also learn to recognize which tasks take up time and which tasks you can breeze through effortlessly. I for example, love to write motivational pieces and ideas come to mind constantly on topics I can write about. On the other hand, give me a sales page to create and I will spend a lot of time on my draft. By knowing your limitations and strengths, you will learn how to juggle your schedule and work your limited hours to your maximum benefit.

So, spend some time analyzing your writing process. In the long run, it’ll be well worth the time and effort your put in to do so!


Sibel said...

Thank you for the tips, they will come handy, for my next blog.

A.J.Johnson said...

Yes, thank you for giving your viewers this important knowledge, your experience is so valuable.