Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Exact Your Money...Or Revenge

Payment at times can be hard to extract, especially from oversees clients. We’ve all been burnt sometime or the other and mostly by applying to craigslist type ads which are perfect for scam-artists and clients who want all, for free!

If you feel you are not making any headway with collecting fees, contact Angela ( She’ll offer valuable advice and puts out warnings on your behalf.

I’ve also received ‘warnings’ from other members of a writing group to which I belong on the following two clients:

Warning One:

please, please, post something to your writers about this guy: . His name is Jordan, and he doesn't pay his writers. I have been in contact with several of his writers who have been burned by him!
From S.

Warning Two:

I would be wary of working for this company, Plutoz (ad which appeared in craigslist below) - I did a lot of work for them a few years ago and never got paid (I tried, of course, but with me being based in the UK and them in the US, I couldn't use my usual ports of call, such as resorting to Small Claims Court to try and get the unpaid money, so eventually just had to write it off). Back then, it was also supposedly a 'new and exiting' search portal launch.
From R.


Plutoz, an exciting new shopping and lifestyle search portal
(, is seeking web-savvy, motivated, prolific, and witty writers
to research and compose capsule reviews of websites. Write sincere,
unbiased, quick, and accurate copy for our online consumer audience as
well as producing short articles about various web consumer topics
(shopping, travel, lifestyle, home, fashion, entertainment, video games,
electronics, food and hundreds of additional titles and categories).
Please send a brief e-mail reply to the following questions:
• How long have you been writing web copy? What is your most recent
professional web/other writing experience (if any)?
• What are your web content areas of expertise/interest?
Past experience as a talented writer or editor for a media channel (print,
web, radio or TV) is highly desirable. This job can be done on your own
time but you must meet our deadlines and follow our editorial guidelines.
Please send us your resume and answer the above questions.
Compensation: Writers will be paid based on experience and the amount of content that they generate (following our editorial guidelines).
Reply to:


Anonymous said...

I did some writing for Plutoz before seeing this post. It's been a month and I'm still waiting for payment. I've been told it would be sent on Friday for two weeks now...

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've never written for them, but I've heard a lot of writers not getting paid for jobs done with them.

Anonymous said...

I did some freelance work for Plutoz and was paid on time. I have had a good experience with them so far. I know they are undergoing a new team of people which, to me, have been excellent.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Thanks for letting us know. I have personally never worked with them, but I was passed on a 'warning' which I thought I'd share with my readers. It's always good to know both sides of the story. I hope writers who decide to work with Plutoz will consider both your stories before making a decision.