Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving With A Twist

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Since my husband and I were not born in Canada but truly love our adopted country, we celebrate all festivities with our own added flavours! So, Christmas is all about a Czech celebration: fish and potato salad, walnuts and honey and lots of Czech drinks; Becherovka, Slivovica and the ubiquitous Czech Beer!

Thanksgiving on the other hand will see us tucking into roast rabbit and authentic German Apfel Strudel (baked last night and already almost finished ;)! This is one day I can't wait for the sun to set!

With your writing too, think about giving it a twist to make it your own unique voice. Experiment with different tones, languages and grammatical options; perhaps an article written only in the passive voice? Or one using more colourful verbs to describe actions? Give it a go and see what you come up with.

And enjoy your weekend!


intrepidideas said...

How was the Apfel Strudel? Absolutely one of my favorite dishes! Happy belated Thanksgiving and thanks for following my blog.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

It was absolutely yum! It's my Czech mother in law's traditional family recipe and it turns out super each and every time.