Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Year With New Resolutions

Most writers will make resolutions at the start of each year and promptly fail to keep most of them. Nothing new in that. It happens to the best of us. For 2010 however, I'm determined to start off small and remain focused. As a writer, some great resolutions to make include:

1. Write everyday
. Even if it's a single paragraph, find the time to write it. There's nothing quite like putting pen to paper (or hands to the keyboard) to inspire fresh output and get the creative juices flowing.

2. Learn a new word each day. Keep a dictionary on your desk and start at the alphabet A and work your way through it. Or pick random words as you go along. Either way, by the end of the year, you'll have 365 new words to include in your own writings.

3. Read everyday.
It could be the newspapers or fliers pushed through your mailbox. By making a conscious effort to read, you are automatically learning something new or refreshing an old memory.

4. Increase your attempt to work on crossword puzzles or mind challenging games. They serve to tone your mind and keep your thoughts agile.

5. Re-evaluate your writing goals. And make the appropriate changes as needed. Do this at least once every two months.

6. Keep promoting yourself.
Print up some business cards, join a networking association, volunteer at your local community centre. Find methods which you are comfortable using and then use them.

7. Take a course. Depending on what you can afford, sign up for a course on writing. If you can't afford to pay university fees, there are always online learning options. Invest as much as you can in courses throughout the year.

8. Overcome writers block.
If you face writers block, you know how paralysing this can be. Find out what's causing it and then take actions to overcome it.

9. complete unfinished projects.
Devote a couple of weeks, days or even just hours to completing any unfinished projects you may have laying about in your desk. Dust off old work and give it a new take.

10. Try something new. If you've never written an article for a magazine, make 2010 your year to try your hand at article writing. If you shy away from writing press releases, give it a shot. You may need to take courses to brush up any old knowledge you've had (or learn from scratch), but it'll be well worth your time and effort when you have a new genre to add to your writing skills.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season's Greetings And A Big Thank You!

A big thank you to those who've signed up for my free ezine, Getting It Write! and for my course, Article Writing And Selling 101, available here:

I appreciate your support and I've enjoyed working with you through 2009. Without your readership, encouraging comments and honest feedback, I don't think I would have come as far as I have.

As the year comes to a close, I'd like us all to take a moment to consider what we've achieved this year: the friends we've made, the clients we've helped and the lessons we've learnt. For me it's been a tremendous year and apart from experiencing a lot of personal growth and learning, my business too has expanded. I look forward to entering 2010 with bigger goals and loftier dreams. And I wish you all the best in achieving the same.

With love and success to you, your families and loved ones,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ali Brown's Holiday Sale

I'm a big fan of Ali Brown. The way she's built her business up is quite incredible. And so I join her on her calls each month and wait eagerly to receive her magazine (currently, out to subscribers only).

Each year, Ali has a end of year sale. TODAY is the last day of her special 2009 Holiday Sale on her award winning products for business and personal success.

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