Sunday, February 7, 2010

Social Networking: Why Your Freelance Business Needs It

Mention Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter a decade ago and you would have got a blank look from your clients and colleagues. In fact, the very term social networking is a recently coined one. Yet, with the inception of these sites, corporations large and small have jumped on the bandwagon, most claiming to see results and business growth within months of adopting these new marketing techniques.

As a freelance business owner, what are the implications a social networking site has on your business?

For one, using a networking site to boost your campaign can be a cost effective strategy. It is also interactive, allowing you to pull in more visitors. And finally, it’s allows you to grow your visibility with 24 hour, 7 days a week marketing strategies which can be easily implemented by even those with basic Net knowledge.

Select your correct target audience and you’ll find a social networking site that allows you to effectively target them. Need feedback or advice? You’ll find a site appropriate for that too. Want to gain a larger audience following? There’s a site for that, and so it goes on. Cultivating individual and personalized relationships will allow you to forger stronger client relationships.

Some of the sites to network on include:

Facebook –
Myspace –
Youtube –
LinkedIn –
Friendster –
Stumbleupon –
Hi5 -
Stickam -

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Glynis said...

So many people swear by Twitter and Facebook for their business now. Sometime ago they were classed as silly time wasters, now they are valuable marketing tools.