Monday, March 29, 2010

Build Up Your Business By PLANNING In Advance

Am back from Mexico - tanned, rested and looking forward to plunging back into work. For those of you who follow my ezine, Getting It Write!, the last issue contained an article on the importance of a marketing plan, and why every business should have one.

I'll be including the plan that I use to grow my business in my next ezine (due out on the 31st March 2010), so don't forget to subscribe to it. It's fast and free to do so, and I guarantee, it comes with a lot of advice and free goodies.

And speaking of goodies, here are some excellent free resources you can use to build around your own plans:

Create Your Own SWOT Analysis:

Build Your Business Plan(You may need to modify them for your own business)

Craft Your Goal Plans


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