Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do you indulge in?

All work and no play does make Jack (and Jill) rather dull. My last ezine, Getting It Write! carried a question in it: What do you indulge in?

Some of my top indulgences include:

• Taking an extra half hour out of my schedule to go for a run.
• Tea with milk and sugar
• Truffles
• Getting my hair washed at the parlour
• Indian curries
• Reading a novel before I nod off to sleep

Glynis from Cyprus has these as hers:

• Dark chocolate
• Manicure and Pedicure
• Agios Onouphrios red wine
• Sitting writing next to my jasmine on a balmy afternoon
• Picnic with DH on the beach

Alison says:
• Olives
• Window shopping
• A glass of red wine

Marta says:

• A walk on the beach
• Dark chocolate
• Coffee with extra sugar
• A babysitter (for my toddler)
• Date night with my husband

Mike says:

• A movie
• Good Italian wine
• Venice
• Sitting down with a good book for an hour of undisturbed reading

• Anything with cream
• A bubble bath
• A stroll in the mall
• A good glass of brandy
• Getting to write without the kids popping in every half hour

Beata says:

• A good book and an hour to read it
• A girls night out
• A trip to the spa
• Shopping for clothes before my cheque’s come in
• An Indian head massage

What's yours??

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