Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Ways To Generate Ideas

Ideas are everywhere, but nowhere to be found when you most need them. Which is why most writers complain of 'writers block' when it comes to generating those much needed 'lightbulb' moments.

Here are some ways which have helped me in the past and may help you nudge your noggin into some creative thought:

Read outside the box
: Most often we are told to write about what we know. But it's great to take a break from (Online marketing and health and wellness for me) your routine topics and grab a book or a magazine you wouldn't normally touch. Read it, skim through it, and you might be surprised at the thoughts that pop into your brain (including in some instances- whatever was I thinking by checking this book out from the library!)

Play a brain game
: Gather your friends and family around you and pass out pieces of paper and pencils. Then take turns in shouting out a word, e.g Black and see what comes of it- Laundering black money, Ways to clean a blackened pot, Games to play during a blackout etc.

Shake it up: Get out of your 9am - 5pm (or in my case, 5am - 3pm) routine, and do something different. It's often hard to make new friends or meet people with a similar interest if you are sitting behind your computer in your home office. Stir the pot a bit and join a club or a class. I've recently committed myself to going for yoga classes twice a week. Granted, it's not an active sport, which is what I also need to reduce my expanding waistline ;), but I've already chatted with some friendly, wonderful people. And I feel good about myself. It's also providing me with an insight into community and rec centers and how they work - I smell several stories already.

So, the next time you're stuck for ideas and have run out of magazines to inspire you, try doing one of the above instead.

What do you do to generate ideas?


Mr Monkey said...

nice read. I walk my house saying " tell me something funny" over again to anyone in my path. I keep up with this until I think of something funny.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Whatever works, right?