Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sing Praises for AIDA

AIDA is one of my favourite operas. Coincidentally, it's also the simplest, yet most effective methods of converting visitors to buyers.

Attention: The first thing to keep in mind when writing copy is – grab the reader’s attention. You do this by writing striking copy and making your product or service as attractive as possible. Your copy does not need to be long; in fact, short copy is often more attention grabbing than long winded sentences.

Interest: Get their interest going. You can do this in a number of ways- offer a bonus, a discount, a limited time offer, a guarantee. Whatever you offer, it has to be something of value to your potential customer.

Desire: This refers to their desire to have what you’re offering them- a product or service that they feel they must have, and must have now.

Action: And finally, their desire leads them to take positive action- visit your shopping cart, click on a subscribe to link or pick up the phone and call a toll free number.

While reading Jonathan Gabay’s Teach Yourself Copywriting, I learnt an expanded version of AIDA, which is AIDCA.

Convince: With all the given competition, you need to work extra hard at convincing your client that they do indeed need your product or service. This is in fact one of the most important steps in any sales pitch, and even if you’re not face to face with your prospect, your website should have an in-built convincing tool in it.

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