Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Ways To Reach Your Ideal Clients:

“How can I get more business?” is probably the number one question on everyone’s lips.

While there are many avenues to get to your end goal, and you need to explore them all, the following will eliminate those unnecessary steps that we often taken in search of those elusive people called ‘clients’.

1. Identify your client: While everyone may have the potential to be your client, you need to identify those people who will be your primary targets- your daily bread and butter so to speak. Spend a few minutes thinking of whom you really want to target. Is it Ad. Agencies specializing in automotive clients or perhaps Direct Mailing Agencies. Be as specific as possible.

2. Tie up with others who are already in the queue. Do some research to determine who and what are the publications, stores etc. that your ideal client reads, visits, frequents. Then speak to them to see if you can tie up with them. Affiliate programmes, link exchanges, advertising etc. are some of the ways to get onboard their sites.

3. Try indirect methods such as getting them to review your products or services, writing on their sites as a guest writer, accepting their articles onto your own website etc.

4. In addition to the above, identify which sites your clients are most likely to frequent and make yourself known as an authority figure by doing the following:

-Article Marketing, using sites such as

-Blogging- Creating your own blog and/or linking to other blogs using free blogging tools like Blogger or WordPress

-Using social networking sites such as twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. to target a specific audience

-Using Weblinks and Web forums to get your message out (note that with web forums, an indirect approach is often the better approach. Publicizing yourself too strongly on forums may in fact backfire and get you banned from the site)

-Creating free teleseminars which offer added value to your service

-Uploading podcasts which link to the speaker’s site

-Sending out press releases when you have something newsworthy to report

-Create an ezine like Getting It Write to offer free and usable information

2 comments: said...

Really great tips. This can definitely help improve conversion rate for online business. Well, tips 1 to 3.

Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Thanks SEOP. Let me know if you have tips to add on.