Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Copywriting Tips That Work!

Copywriting is an intense craft that has a lot of tips and tricks to
remember. You can use a play on words, keep is simple and straightforward, or
make the audience guess at what you're trying to say - they all work simply
because there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing creative copy.

There are however plenty of tips. The following three are ones to pin up
and apply to any copywriting project you're about to undertake:

Visualize your target audience.
Who are they? What do they look like? Where to they live? What do they like/dislike? Some copywriters actually tear out photographs of their demographic group and tape them up for inspiration. I write mine down on a whiteboard and make sure I refer to them. If I'm in the mood, I might even doodle some figures to give it more color.
Whatever works right? The point is, never forget your target audience - not even
for an instance.

Don't speak down to them.

That's an insult. Most books on copywriting will tell you to keep it simple. And that's the truth.Unless your audience is extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable about your product, it's best to avoid using technical jargon and complicated words. On
the other hand, I'm not sure what 8th grade lingo is either - possibly the liberal use of cute, like, awesome and chillaxin - which is what some courses and books recommend you adopt. Instead, speak to them as you would a friend.

Focus on your headline.

That really has to be captivating. As does
your first line. Make them too long, too vague or too clever, and you've
already lost your audience. Keep it catchy and concise and focused on what you
want to say, and who you want to say it too (check your blackboard, doodles, photographs).

And then have fun with your words. There's nothing nicer than seeing
your brochure, your ad or your website - don't let the web designer fool you
into believing it's his creation - out there for others to use.

Ps: If there are any 8th graders out there reading this who disagree with my interpretation of their lingo, I apologize. I have a few years to go before my kids reach that age!

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