Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Multiply Your Writing Income Through Referrals

The most frustrating thing about working on a netbook is not realizing the glitches your computer may have, which ends up in a perfectly good post getting deleted! Which is what happened to me recently. I was tired and sat working on my bed, writing the post well into midnight. Only to find out the next day that the heading appeared, but the actual content did not!

Oh well- another reason to check and double check your work. And I'm lucky it happened to my own blog and not one that belongs to a client.

And speaking of clients, I've had three this week who've referred me to their colleagues/friends, thereby doubling my income for the month. How great is that! Coincidentally I received a newsletter from one of the writers I subscribe to which also talks of referrals. In it he mentions that 50% of his business is through referrals. While I can't claim such a high figure, I can tell you I've found a direct way that works for me: I simply ask for them.

If I know a client is pleased with my work, I ask for two things: testimonials and referrals. I usually put the request down in an email so it stays with the client and he's reminded of it when he checks his inbox. I accompany my request with a nice note to let him know I enjoy working with him, and provide him with the option to refuse if he wants to. This way, there's no pressure for him to say yes, and neither does he feel obligated.

You can also carry out a promotion - refer one client and get a 50% discount off your next job - or put a note on your invoice asking for referrals.

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