Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Cons and Con Artists

The other day, I visited our neighbourhood Indian store which is filled with exotic veggies and fruit and snacks and sweets. It's also filled with stainless steel cooking utensils and storage jars, and I wanted to pick up a few of the latter. In addition to three jars, I picked up a few potatoes, onions, and mangoes and when I reached the checkout counter, I was distracted by my kids near the sweet bin (filled with nutty delights, which my son is allergic to). So I paid the bill without checking (or questioning) it, only to discover later that night that I was billed for items I didn't purchase.

Could it have been a mistake? I don't think so. The counter was empty and the cashier has plenty of time to check the few items I had purchased.

Don't you hate it when you get cheated? Now how about when the person who cheats you is a fellow writer?

I recently signed up for an online course run by a 'reputable' writer whom I met through one of the online networking groups I frequent. She took my money, sent me the first two parts of a five week course, and since then I haven't heard from her. My emails don't get responded to despite the fact she's still active in the networking group.

So, cons come in all shapes and sizes, nationalities, and job fronts. My recommendations?

Double check whom you do business with.
Report any scams to Better Business Bureau (I did both) and to any other online scam reporting sites.
Share your stories with others so they might benefit from them.

Any other suggestions?

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