Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 5 Freelancing Myths Deboned!

Myth 1:

You have a lot of freedom: You all read about the freelancer who sits back and enjoys the fruit of his labors while seemingly doing nothing. The truth is freelancing is a very hard job and it does involve a lot of work; including things you may not have otherwise undertaken, like accounting, marketing and secretarial duties.

Myth 2:

Do a good job and clients will come to you: Not true! What is true is that you may get a few referrals, but there’ll certainly be no queues outside your door.At least not for a long while. You still have to work very hard at marketing your services and continue to do so long after you’ve built up a nice little portfolio for yourself. It may get easier, but it certainly doesn’t stop.

Myth 3:

My work speaks for itself: Not really. You still have to push it forward. Having a great online portfolio will go a long way in showing clients who you are and what you can do; but you’ll still need to work hard to get those clients to your site.

Myth 4:

I do only what I love: Eventually, that’s your goal. But for now, you’ll do pretty much whatever it takes to get started and keep on going. You’ll take on certain projects which are boring and those thankless jobs no one else wants, and you’ll do it well because you know that’s your entry into the world of freelancing.

Myth 5:

You’re your own boss: In theory, yes. In reality, you will always have the clients being your boss. And telling you what to do and how to do it and when to meet deadlines. No freelancer is truly free of a boss, not as long as they have clients.

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