Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 5 Ways To Generate Leads

What are the two top things every freelance writer needs to do to be successful? Write great copy and generate leads. If you can do both of those, then you’re on your way to joining the hundreds of freelance writers who enjoy a steady income.

Simply put, leads are potential clients. Every freelancer needs good leads and a lot of them, because only some will convert into actual sales. Leads are clients who have been referred to you or perhaps have seen your work, website, portfolio and come to you with a request. They may have emailed your or spoken with you over the phone. And if you can win them over then the sale is in your pocket and money in your bank!

Ask for Referrals: You can always contact current or past clients who are happy with your work and ask them to refer you. Most of them will be happy to do so. To make it easier, send them an email listing of all your services, which they can then forward.

Direct Mailing: The quickest way to getting your name out there is through Direct Mail. Mail out your services (or send a short introductory email or make a short phone call) to your potential clients.

This is another great way to meet people interested in your work. Networking does not necessarily mean going physically to a networking event (though of course that’s a great option). Sites like Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and blog forums are also excellent places to network online.

Simple but an effective way to get leads. Even a simple free ad on a site like Craigslist can bring you potential clients.

Become a Speaker
: This is not necessarily an option or choice for everyone. But if you feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience, then don’t hesitate to go for it. Even a small group may generate leads which in turn may convert to sales.

So try them all, or just one of them and see if they don’t work for you!


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